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The Health Handbook

By Rona Berg / April 20, 2015

South African-born, New York City-based integrative doctor, Frank Lipman, M.D. (with Danielle Claro), has just come out with The New Health Rules (Artisan), a handy manifesto for health, which dispenses bite-sized, easily digestible bits of wellness wisdom on everything from Eating (“Think of dairy as a condiment”), Healing (“Wander Barefoot”) Living (“Use Healthy Pots and Pans”) […]


Winter Juicing

By Rona Berg / December 5, 2014

Here is a sneak peek at some recipes we gathered from a variety of innovative top cold-pressed juice companies.


Conscious Eating

By Lambeth Hochwald / December 1, 2014

If you’re always the first one to finish your meal, the holidays, aka stress-eating season, are the perfect time to stop wolfing down your food.


Handy During Cold & Flu Season: Black Spruce Essential Oil

By Amy Galper / November 3, 2014

I’ve been carrying around bottle of Black Spruce Essential Oil for the past couple of weeks. It’s multi-faceted resinous aroma, has edges that are both lightly sweet and fruity, but also deeper and penetrating. Energetically, a quick inhalation immediately grounds me and releases all the accumulated daily tightness in my chest and upper stomach. And […]


Five Easy Exercises for the Office and Five for On the Go from Canyon Ranch Spa

By Organic Spa Magazine / April 17, 2014

Feeling stiff at your desk? Unsure how to incorporate your exercise routine while on the go? Exercise physiologist Steve Gratkins M.S., from award-winning health resort and luxury spa, Canyon Ranch, caught up with Organic Spa Magazine to share his five easy exercises for the office and five exercises for on the go. In-office exercises to increase mobility and flexibility:  1. Take […]

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