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Rev Up Your Metabolism

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / January 9, 2015

Seven strategies to help you burn calories, tighten and tone, and become more active in the new year The rate at which a human body burns calories is referred to, simply, as your metabolic rate. But metabolism represents the total number of calories your body burns each day to perform all activities including breathing, digesting, […]


Eat Pretty

By Jolene Hart / March 4, 2014

What’s in your spring beauty basket? OSM contributor Jolene Hart tells us what to eat this season to nourish our beauty. Spring beauty foods are fresh, green, light, and packed with natural detox abilities. Eat pretty with the newness of the season by filling your diet with these crisp greens, spicy bulbs, aromatic herbs, tender shoots, […]


Fennel Seed Essential Oil: Anticipating Spring

By Amy Galper / February 25, 2014

Spring is coming—I feel it. The urge to step out, let go and manifest the potential I’ve been nurturing and protecting all winter that’s been starting to peek through. And Fennel Seed Essential Oil resonates with its anticipation. The many benefits of fennel and its essential oil are powerful and dynamic, and have been recorded […]


Tea Fermentation

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / February 6, 2014

Coffee and chocolate were once made by live cultures and fermentation practices, a complicated chemical synthesis that occurs when you ingest live bacteria that aids your digestion and immune function. The process of fermentation and eating probiotics regularly  (kefir, miso and yogurt) also helps the body produce healthy fatty acids essential for digestion, brain health […]


Top 10 Detoxifying Foods

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / January 15, 2014

Help flush toxins from your liver, cleanse your bloodstream and clear up your complexion with these healthy, detoxifying foods and cleansing herbs. Photography by Robin Jolin. Regular cellular detoxification causes the most amazing chemical reactions that can boost your energy level sky high. Detox food plans and modern-day juice cleanses are grounded on the premise that […]


The Conscious Mini-Cleanse

By Rona Berg / January 15, 2014

Renowned raw foodist Karyn Calabrese offers tips on how to get started. Karyn Calabrese has been a vegan, juicing wheatgrass and pressing her own tofu, for 40-plus years, back in the days when it really wasn’t easy. She became a vegetarian, then a vegan, then a raw vegan, and saw her allergies disappear, her skin […]