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Meditation for a Sharper Brain

By Mary Beth Janssen / June 16, 2015

Kirtan Kriya meditation and how it improves brain fitness Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD, is the president and medical director of the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation (ARPF). He’s a leading researcher in the study of meditation and memory, and the author of the best-selling Brain Longevity and Meditation as Medicine. According to Dr. Khalsa, current […]


Fitness News January 2015

By Organic Spa Magazine / January 12, 2015

De-stressing Workout for the New Year As the New Year’s resolutions swing into high-gear, life may start to resemble boot camp class—heavy lifting, expletives and all! No wonder so many members of Denver, Colorado’s Pura Vida Fitness & Spa escape to the safe haven of the club’s R&R class, which strengthens the body while also […]


Feel the Heat

By Evelyn Theiss / March 4, 2014

Whether you prefer traditional, Scandinavian-style dry heat or infrared, your stress will melt away in the sauna. In Native American sweat lodges around the U.S., and in Scandinavian saunas and Siberian banyas far across the ocean, our ancestors knew that something about high heat in an enclosed space was extremely healing. For centuries, any serious […]


The Retroactive Bucket List

By Jeremy McCarthy / February 20, 2014

Savor what you’ve already experienced, instead of stressing over what you haven’t done. Last summer, I had an incredible vacation in Cap Ferret, France. I had never heard of Cap Ferret, but my wife had friends who vacation there each year, and they were gracious enough to take us in and introduce us to all […]