Ad Specs Print

Organic Spa Magazine accepts advertising only in PDF/X1a format. All artwork must be submitted with a proof that has been pulled from the supplied material (Matchprint, Kodak, Cromalin). All artwork must be prepared to meet SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) standards.

• Digital files and proofs should be manufactured in accordance with the “Recommended Specifications for Web Offset Publishing” (SWOP Standards).
• Color cannot be guaranteed if a SWOP-approved proof is not provided.
• Advertisers not meeting the material requirements may be charged for production costs incurred including ad modification and conversion to required file formats.

File Format:
Desktop applications saved as PDF/X1a. Only one ad per file.

All of the high-resolution images and fonts must be included when the Postscript file is saved. We recommend the use of Type 1 fonts—no font substitutions are allowed. Images must be SWOP (CMYK or Grayscale) TIFF or EPS format between 200 and 400 dpi. Total area density should not exceed SWOP standard 300% TAC. Images should be CMYK or grayscale only. Do not nest EPS files into other EPS files. Do not embed ICC profiles within images. Do not embed OPI information in files. All required image trapping must be included in the file. The file must be right reading, portrait mode, 100% size, no rotations. All spot colors must be converted to CMYK. We do not recommend the use of JPEG compression. Artwork is subject to have a .5pt black border added if needed. Organic Spa Magazine reserves the right to reject any creative that does not follow OSM specs.


Ad Sizes Available

Size Trim Size Bleed Size
Page trim size 8.375”w x 10.875”h
1 page bleed 8.375”w x 10.875”h 8.625”w x 11.125”h
1 page non-bleed 7.375”w x 9.875”h
2 page spread 16.75”w x 10.875”h 17.00”w x 11.125”h
2/3 vertical 4.85”w x 9.875”h
1/2 vertical 3.5625”w x 9.875”h
1/2 horizontal 7.375”w x 4.8125”h
1/3 vertical 2.325”w x 9.875”h
1/3 square 4.85”w x 4.8125”h
1/4 page square 3.5625”w x 4.8125”h
1/6 page vertical 2.325”w x 4.8125”h
1/8 page horizontal(Eco-Chic only) 3.5625”w x 2.375”h