Digital Ad Specs

File Requirements:
Accepted formats include .JPEG, .GIF, and animated GIFs only. Files must be in specified banner size, 40k maximum file size. One banner per file. All banners must have a URL. Audio must be initiated on user-initiated mouse click. If audio is included in banner, mute button must be required. Ads cannot initiate a download prompt nor download anything on page load, mouse-over or on-click—must go to landing page first where a download prompt may be allowed.

All ad files must be submitted one week prior to publication.

Submit materials to:

For more information and technical questions please contact:
Ivy Garrigan, Art Director

Note: The use of Organic Spa Magazine and related images, logos, content within advertising or advertiser landing pages are not allowed without direct written approval from Organic Spa MagazineOrganic Spa Magazine reserves the right to reject any creative that does not follow OSM specs. Advertisers that do not meet the material requirements may be charged for production costs incurred; including ad modification and conversion to required file formats.

Banner Ad Sizes Available Pixel Size
Sitewide 468×60 global header
1517×188 global footer
Homepage 300×250 rectangle
300×400 skyscraper
Category Pages 300×250 rectangle
300×400 skyscraper
Articles/Content 300×250 rectangle
300×400 skyscraper
eNewsletter 300×250 rectangle
600×250 horizontal