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The Complete Wellness Issue
Special Interest Publication (SIP)
Essentials for a Home Gym
Best Natural Deodorants
The Healthy Workplace: Tips from Deepak Chopra
The Lowdown on Pre- and Probiotics
Top Fitness & Wellness Getaways
Living with Intention
Meditation A to Z
Sore Muscle Balms
Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Strengthen Your Immune System: Herbs & Supplements
On Balance: The Eco Working Mom
HOT DESTINATION: Volunteer Travel Roundup
Closing: 11/25/15
Material Due: 12/4/15
On Sale: 1/12/16


Spa & Travel
Top 10 Green Spa Awards
Water & Salt Therapy Treatments
Herbal Remedies for Spring
Great Chefs of Santa Fe
Skincare from the Sea
Island Retreats
Best Exfoliants & Scrubs
News from Top Wellness Destination Resorts
Earth Month: 10 Ways to Save the Planet
Spa Directors’ Top Beauty Secrets
Closing: 1/22/16
Material Due: 1/29/16
On Sale: 3/8/16


Inner Beauty & Self-Care
Five-Minute Meditations
Tips for Achieving Whole Body Intelligence
Healthy Beauty Drinks
Fitness Directors’ Tips
Flower Remedies
Himalayan Beauty Tips
Macrobiotic Spa Recipes
Finding a Naturopath
Detoxing Body Wraps
Massage Therapy Treatment Roundup
Closing: 3/25/16
Material Due: 4/1/16
On Sale: 5/17/16


Gourmet Food & Travel
Top 10 Organic Spa Awards
Travel Yoga Tips
Sand & Salt Scrubs
Best Organic Olive Oil
Miami Heat: New Spas
Inventive Salads
The Vegan Pantry
Best Spas for Energy Work
Top Yoga Retreats
Closing: 5/13/16
Material Due: 5/20/16
On Sale: 6/28/16


***Annual Skin Care Guide***
Special Interest Publication (SIP)
Bonus Newsstand Distribution/4 months
Secrets to Flawless Skin
Spa Tips: Enhance Your Summer Glow
Raw Food Face Masks
Best Brushes for Your Hair
Natural Sunscreen Update
Best Hair Conditioning Recipes
Age-Defying Skin Treatments
Lush Lash Looks
Massage for Cellulite
Minimal Makeup Tricks
The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Nails
Top Facials
Closing: 6/10/16
Material Due: 6/17/15
On Sale: 7/26/16


Wellness Living & Style
Top 10 Ethical Fashion Sites
Natural Manicures + Pedicures
Best Hiking SpasThe Ultimate Concealers
10 Herbal DIY Skin Recipes
Spas that Help You Sleep
Back to School Snacks
Hammans Around the Globe
Remote Luxury Eco Rentals
HOT DESTINATION: Western Canada Wellness Retreats
Closing: 7/29/16
Material Due: 8/5/16
On Sale: 9/20/16


Holiday Gift Guide
Special Interest Publication (SIP)
Giving Gifts to Yourself
Looking for a Life Coach
Deep Moisturizing Hair Treatments
New Natural Fragrances
Home Steam & Sauna
Brain Fitness
Bath Salts & Body Oils
Anti-Stress Elixirs
Spa Remedies for Super Dry Skin
Organic Holiday Cocktails
Japanese Bathing Rituals
Closing: 9/23/16
Material Due: 9/30/16
On Sale: 11/8/16