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Summer in Maine

By Zoe Helene / July 1, 2012

Coastal Maine has a summer landscape all its own, with colors that shift as fast as the New England weather.


Easy & Elegant

By Zoe Helene / April 20, 2012

In a season of brightly colored florals and festive splashy prints, simple understated styles can be stand-outs. For an easy, elegant look that flows from sunny days to starry summer nights, start with soft sleek pieces in black or white and add a bit of sparkle. LONG LINES Sexy halter-neck body-hugging jumpsuit, with loose flare […]


Caring and Sharing

By Zoe Helene / April 18, 2012

1. Angela May with Praia Rose McElwee, born 9/28/2011 “It’s a crazy big job, being a mom,” says Angela May Guerrant of Austin, Texas, who holds another big job as vice president of sales for Gaia Herbs. “These amazing little people that you’re responsible for are listening to you and watching you for their cues […]


Accessories in Bloom

By Zoe Helene / April 1, 2012

Spring’s earth-friendly fashion accessories are inspired by nature—the finest designer—with fresh, eco-femme jewel tones, blossom colors and glorious greens.


Summer’s Spring Forecast

By Zoe Helene / March 1, 2012

Summer Rayne Oakes says new sustainable dyeing techniques are bringing fresh, bright color to the runways this spring. 1 “I’m seeing a lot of carry-over from the season before, so a lot of artisan fabrics and color. African textiles, batiks, items with indigenous flare, and by ‘indigenous’ I mean culturally relevant. That’s continuing.” One Shoulder […]


Trudie Styler Celebrates

By Zoe Helene / February 28, 2012

After experiencing firsthand the devastating impact of Amazonian rainforest destruction on indigenous people, Trudie Styler—producer, director, human rights activist, environmentalist and organic farmer—founded the Rainforest Foundation Fund with her husband, Sting, in 1989. Styler’s annual Rainforest Foundation Benefit Concert, Sting & Friends, will mark its 23rd anniversary April 3 at Carnegie Hall in New City. […]


Light Hearted

By Zoe Helene / January 29, 2012

  Valentine’s Day celebrates our ability to love. This year, plan a romantic fireside picnic at home–whether or not you have a fireplace. Creating a symbolic hearth for your celebration is easy. Define the area using a low table, a shallow drawer placed upside down, a stone slab, a piece of flat wood or a […]

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