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KYPRIS Founder on Sustainability, Sourcing and Success

By Rona Berg / August 28, 2015

Where does the name “Kypris” come from? Kypris is the name of a Cypriot goddess who was eventually co-opted by the Greeks to become Aphrodite. Unlike the common retellings of Aphrodite’s stories, in which she is beautiful yet haughty, the ethos of Kypris has retained her pre-Hellenic, divinely feminine roots. So her energy is that […]


7 Desert Botanicals With Restorative Powers

By Rona Berg / August 27, 2015

For Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei flower remedies, a harsh landscape yields a healing garden The desert is generally considered harsh and unforgiving, but for Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei, it is fecund, fertile, a landscape in bloom. Hess is renowned for a special kind of alchemy: She extracts flower essences from plants […]


Green Spa Network Goes Global

By Rona Berg / August 26, 2015

The Green Spa Network (GSN), a nonprofit dedicated to helping spas and personal-care brands become greener and more sustainable, has just expanded internationally, with the formation of Green Spa Network Mexico, its first chapter outside the U.S. Organic Spa Magazine is the official media sponsor for the new Green Spa Network Mexico. I spoke with Paul Schmidt, […]


Hillary Peterson: Founder of True Nature Botanicals

By Rona Berg / August 7, 2015

What inspired you to launch True Nature Botanicals? I am inspired by our mission to show women that they deserve better. To help them realize that the most effective skincare products and the most luxurious and nourishing hair care products do not need to be made with toxins. So many women do not think that […]


Canyon Ranch: Going Local in Lenox

By Rona Berg / August 5, 2015

Anyone who has been a guest at Canyon Ranch knows that food is a big part of the program. Calorie counts and light, healthy fare are always at the forefront of the tasty Canyon Ranch cuisine. Just in time for summer, the Canyon Ranch Resort in Lenox, MA, has opened The Café, a brand-new farm-to-table […]


The Recipe for a Healthy School Lunch Program

By Rona Berg / August 3, 2015

A healthy school lunch program creates a recipe for success with fresh, local, organic, non-GMO ingredients, and a zero-waste mantra Justin Everett, executive chef at the luxurious Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, CA, was introduced to Judi Shils, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Teens Turning Green, by a mutual friend when Shils set […]


Great Outdoor Gear for Your Wilderness Getaway

By Rona Berg / July 28, 2015

Now’s the perfect time to gear up and get yourself outdoors. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a novice hiker, here is some great outdoor gear to help you get there. Osprey Ariel 65 Backpack Lightweight and comfortable, this pack is contoured to fit a woman perfectly, and it’s roomy enough to keep you […]


Best Bars for Your Summer Workout

By Rona Berg / July 28, 2015

We love bars and get to sample many that come through the office. For hiking and biking—and special summer activities like Stand Up Paddle Boarding—we look for protein, and for running, we keep an eye out for potassium, as well as superfruits and antioxidants like açai. Here are two that fit the bill. PERFECT BARS […]


Cooking with Light

By Rona Berg / July 27, 2015

Chiva-Som, the holistic destination spa on the Gulf of Thailand, is renowned for its pioneering approach to wellness, based on integrating Asian and Western therapies with the goal of balancing mind, body and spirit. The spa has won numerous awards for its sustainability practices, and the food, grown in an organic garden on the property […]


Goat Milk Beauty Recipes

By Rona Berg / July 27, 2015

The folks at Meyenberg Goat Milk Products sent a tin of powdered goat milk to our office. Since I love DIY, I got inspired to make some goat milk beauty recipes and whipped up this exfoliating body mask. Hope you enjoy it! ½ cup powdered goat milk ½ cup dry oatmeal or cornmeal Put cornmeal […]


10 Ways to Go Eco in the Hamptons This Summer

By Rona Berg / July 24, 2015

Visiting the Hamptons this summer? Lucky duck! There is no need to sacrifice your eco-loving lifestyle! Here are some sure-fire ways to experience the best of what the natural, organic, sustainable Long Island summer haven has to offer, along with shopping local and giving back. 1. Get wellness at Naturopathica Healing Arts Center and Spa […]


DIY Contouring the Natural Way

By Rona Berg / July 20, 2015

From Kim Kardashian’s cheekbones to JLo’s jaw—here’s how it’s done, the natural way Everyone’s doing it, from Kim Kardashian to JLo, but nobody’s doing it the natural way. Contouring, that is. What is contouring? It’s a tried-and-true classic beauty technique that is super trendy right now. Contouring kits are flying off the shelves! Every top […]


4 Essential Products for Beach Beauty

By Rona Berg / July 17, 2015

Heading to the beach this weekend? Chances are, you’ve already got the staples: sunscreen, sandals and—if you have kids—beach toys. Here are some of our summer beach beauty must-haves for before, during and after your day on the coast. OLA Tropical Apothecary Deep Sea Body Mist Cool yourself down on a hot day with a spritz of […]


An Iconic Beach Getaway at Gurney’s Montauk

By Rona Berg / July 10, 2015

When I was a young girl, my father and I would drive out to Montauk, then a sleepy fishing village at the tip of Long Island, to spend the day fishing. We would always pass Gurney’s, and even though it grew a bit worse for wear over the years, it was a great place to […]

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