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Experiential Gifts for the Holiday Season

By Lambeth Hochwald / November 23, 2015

If you’re struggling with what to give a loved one this holiday season, the answer might be closer at hand than you think.These days, everyone’s talking about how much fun it is to receive a gift that’s actually an experience, instead of a material possession. After all, how many sweaters does your BFF need?Whether it’s […]


Fashion for A Cause: 7 Clothing Companies That Give Back

By Lambeth Hochwald / October 1, 2015

A salute to fashion for a cause —clothing companies that focus not only on being eco-conscious but on giving back, too. Maxine Bédat, co-founder of Zady, an ethical-fashion website, is on a mission: She’d love for consumers to stop buying clothing just because it’s inexpensive and start supporting brands that aim to manufacture “clean” with less […]


Declutter to Create A Zen Home

By Lambeth Hochwald / May 6, 2015

Expert advice on how to declutter, organize and create a serene home When you take a deep breath after walking into an airy hotel room, replete with all-white furnishings and only the sparest number of tchotchkes, you know the relief that’s possible when clutter goes by the wayside. But before you can get rid of […]


Time for Tea

By Lambeth Hochwald / January 8, 2015

Tea is for more than just sipping. This healthy leaf, from the Camellia sinensis plant, can be tucked into a dessert, blended into your favorite scrub or featured in an innovative spa treatment. Here, five top trends to know about tea today. 1. Seeking tea produced in an earth-friendly way? Look for biodynamic tea. It’s […]


Conscious Eating

By Lambeth Hochwald / December 1, 2014

If you’re always the first one to finish your meal, the holidays, aka stress-eating season, are the perfect time to stop wolfing down your food.


Austin-Lehman Adventures: Cycling for Change

By Lambeth Hochwald / November 19, 2014

Dan Austin may be co-founder of Austin-Lehman Adventures, a venerable international adventure travel company, but he’s even prouder of the way he’s helped improve daily life for villagers in Namibia. It all started in 2010 when Austin tried to decide what to do with a fleet of 120 mountain bikes headed for retirement. Not wanting […]


Face Mask Match-Up

By Lambeth Hochwald / July 29, 2014

A face mask can elevate your skin from good to great While many of us relegate applying a face mask to something we do hardly ever, we actually need to use masks—and use them often—no matter our skin type. “Masks are an extremely important part of our skincare routine because they’re a concentrated version of […]


Eco Bedding: A Peaceful Sleep

By Lambeth Hochwald / April 28, 2014

Eco Bedding: The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Bedding There’s something supremely reassuring about climbing between the sheets at an eco-spa or a hotel and breathing a sigh of relief at bedding that feels cleaner and healthier, somehow, than ones you’d find on the shelves at a big-box store. But this experience doesn’t have to be limited […]


Kris Kringle Cranberry Punch

By Lambeth Hochwald / November 11, 2013

Kris Kringle Cranberry Punch, from Holiday Cheer A traditional holiday punch with a spicy twist created by Natalie Bovis, a mixologist and co-founder of OM Cocktails. This is an organic, gluten-free bottled cocktail made with organic vodka. “A traditional punch has fresh citrus juice, a sweetener (such as sugar or fruit juice), a touch of […]


Out of Mind

By Lambeth Hochwald / November 11, 2013

Out of Mind, from Holiday Cheer Created by Pascaline Lepeltier, sommelier at seasonal and sustainable NYC restaurant Rouge Tomate, this holiday meal mixer uses FAIR Quinoa Vodka, an organic vodka that sources its quinoa from the Andean mountains of Bolivia and distills it in the Cognac region of France. “This cocktail is not only beautiful […]


Pear of Roses

By Lambeth Hochwald / November 11, 2013

Pear of Roses, from Holiday Cheer H. Joseph Ehrmann is mixologist and owner of Elixir, a bar that has served San Franciscans since it opened in 1858. This lively and fruity cocktail uses Square One Botanical, an organic rye spirit infused with the organic essence of eight botanicals: pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, […]


Holiday Cheer

By Lambeth Hochwald / October 21, 2013

This season, make a toast to holiday cheer with flavorful organic cocktails stirred up by some of the most creative mixologists we know. There’s no more festive time of year than the holiday season, with its cozy evenings around the fire, convivial conversations among family and friends, and glasses lifted to make a meaningful toast. […]

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